Comprehensive Health Assessment

A Word About Our
Comprehensive Health Assessment

Our comprehensive health assessment includes gathering a complete medical history followed by a hands-on exam. We perform:

  • EKG
  • Chest x-ray (where indicated)
  • Urinalysis
  • Routine blood count and chemistries
  • Arterial health testing, the most reliable predictor of cardiovascular risk
  • Advanced lipid cardiovascular testing
  • Autonomic nervous system assessment, physical and emotional stress
  • Diabetes risk assessment
  • Well-woman exams including PAP smears and bone density exams

Because cardiovascular disease is by far the number one cause of death and illness in all adults, male and female, the primary focus of our adult exam is cardiovascular risk assessment and prediction. To this end, we perform Advanced Lipid Testing, with vascular inflammatory markers, diabetic markers, and genetic testing for cardiac risk. (This blood testing can also include antibody markers for lung and colon cancer.) Accompanying Advanced Lipid Testing is the Arterial Health Test which provides vital information about the health of your vascular system and strong predictive information about where your cardiovascular health is headed. You will be asked to schedule a separate follow-up summary visit with the doctor or physician assistant. At your follow up medical visit you will receive, where appropriate, specific natural supplement recommendations, diet and lifestyle advice, and appropriate prescription medication to improve your cardiovascular future.

You may also take advantage of an optional free consultation with our certified nutritionist.

Finally, the Comprehensive Health Assessment includes an evaluation of your autonomic nervous system, (the control center of all involuntary and automatic processes in your body such as heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, etc.). This provides important information about the internal and external stressors to which your body may be reacting.

Our exam, in addition to being “heart-focused”, is more comprehensive than many Insurance Plans and Medicare Plans will cover as “routine” physicals. Your Insurance Carrier EOB will reflect charges that are “not allowed” or “allowed but not paid”. THIS “EOB” IS NOT A BILL.

We have made arrangements with our reference labs to eliminate or reduce “balance-billing.” We are also willing to work with you to appeal to your Insurance Plan or adjust certain charges originating in our office that are not covered or not allowed.

These Perisseia Primary Care patient documents and forms are provided as a courtesy and convenience for our new and existing patients. These PDF forms may be filled out online then printed or simply printed out and completed at your convenience prior to your appointment.

We accept Medicare Patients (excluding Humana Medicare) and those covered on most major insurance plans with the exception of Kaiser HMO, and Medicaid.