Stress Impact Score

Unique measurement of the “Autonomic Nervous System” that enables us to quantify the impact of physical and emotional stress on your health – able to detect the subtle effects of undiagnosed heart, lung, and metabolic conditions, as well as the strain caused by physical and emotional stress.

Measurement of the body’s autonomic tone can yield valuable information regarding your health. The autonomic nervous system modulates all the involuntary functions of the body: pulse, blood pressure, respirations, sweating, digestion, body temperature, etc. There is a stimulatory side, the “sympathetic pathway”, also commonly referred to as “fight or flight”, and a relaxation side, the “parasympathetic pathway”. By detecting your body’s established pattern in a simple 15-minute session, we can determine the impact of physical and emotional stress on your health. The test is FDA-approved to diagnose diabetic autonomic neuropathy but can be used to uncover the often-unnoticed effects of sleep apnea, COPD, asthma, high blood pressure, coronary disease, exhaustion, overwork, poor physical conditioning, chronic pain, and anxiety.