HeartFit™ Introduction

To my family of patients:

As you may know, I have been a Family Doctor in the Gwinnett community for nearly thirty years. Though my practice has covered the breadth of medicine, from outpatient adult and pediatric care to ER, ICU, and inpatient medicine, and even OB and newborns, my love has always been preventive medicine and wellness, with an emphasis on lifestyle, nutrition, natural supplements and now our HeartFit™ Introduction.

In 25 years there has never been a place in our Managed Care world for programs such as this.
Until Now.

I am proud to announce a new program called HeartFit™—a Wellness, Weight Loss, and Lifestyle Management practice that provides a resource that augments and enhances the medical care you currently receive at Perisseia Primary Care & Wellness.

The HeartFit™ Program features the HeartFit™ Score which provides constructive and effective life and health-changing components that you need to age gracefully. This “Score” makes it possible for you to see and understand the big picture and make small, progressive, constructive, and most importantly, measurable changes to lower your health risks.

We feature an affordable enrollment and monthly fee for the year-long wellness plan(s).

Most commercial insurance plans and Medicare cover:

  • Biometric
  • Blood
  • and Ultrasonographic Vascular Diagnostics
  • along with Medical Evaluation and Management visits

Think of our program as a fusion of “Quick Weight Loss Centers” and “Lifeline Screening”, but without the hype and without unnecessary, irrelevant, or alarmist rhetoric.

We will share all of your personal data and progress reports with you each time you come to see us.

Furthermore, we are partnering with some of the best diagnostics and preventative health organizations to create a publishable “real-world” Framingham-style Longitudinal Study of Lifestyle Modification, Biometric Measurements, Lipid, Inflammatory, and Glucose Utilization Blood Markers, and Vascular Ultrasonographic Measures and their correlation with MACE (Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events).

We look forward to seeing and caring for you in the new year.

If you want to know more, participate in the research, or take action today, call the office today or contact my HeartFit™ Program Coordinator Suzanne Wilson, CPT at 404.434.6678 or by email swilson@perisseia.com and make an appointment to get HeartFit™ in 2017!

To Good Health To Those We Care For,

David W. Kunz, M.D.

HeartFit™ Program

As part of Dr. Kunz’s commitment to complete care for our patients, we are now offering our HeartFit™ Program. A program that…

  • Might reduce your risk of
    • Type II Diabetes
    • High Cholesterol
    • Cardiovascular Complications
    • and even Heart Disease
  • While helping you to
    • Feel Better
    • have More Energy during the day
    • and Sleep Better at night!

The HeartFit™ Program includes diagnostic testing, a full work-up including:

  • Blood Work
  • EKG
  • Analysis of overall:
    • Physical Health
    • Mental Health
    • Vascular Health
  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition Consultations

…and Ongoing Support.

The accountability and encouragement offered through our regularly scheduled sessions has proven to be the key ingredient for success for those that have tried other programs in the past and failed.

Your specific program may also include a weight loss prescription drug if you’d like (as long as it’s approved pending EKG results). LIPO MIC B-12 injections, delivered right here in our office during your coaching sessions, will also aid the weight loss aspect of your program.

We are happy to file with your insurance company for any charges that may be covered.

Our goal is to help you achieve an active, healthy lifestyle.

Please contact our HeartFit™ program coordinator:

Suzanne Luna, CPT

HeartFit™ Classes

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