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Site Resources

Our Site Resources are dedicated to the wellness, treatment, and education of our patients and site visitors of all ages. The content, links, and forms on this site are provided for the convenience of our patients and are not in any case intended to be a substitution for consultation with a fully licensed healthcare provider.

Our site’s resources are intended to:

  • introduce our patients to the tests and procedures we employ in our practice
  • link to important sites that have timely topical information and to which we frequently direct our patients
  • share Dr. Kunz’s philosophy of thyroid and bio-identical hormone treatment
  • provide access to Dr. Kunz’s Blog where we place articles that we hope our patients will find informative, helpful and enjoyable.

The following tests and procedures will introduce you to a few of the services we employ. Their links offer access to more complete descriptions. For a complete list please see our listings under our “Services” menu.

Advanced Lipid Testing —
Heart disease is not just a result of high cholesterol, but of many other factors. It is important to know the number of cholesterol particles in each subtype along with their size and configuration, the contribution of inflammation, impaired sugar metabolism (insulin and free fatty acids), and oxidative stress.

Diabetes Risk Assessment —
Type II diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in our society and the rate is increasing. It’s not enough to look out for traditional (and commonly known) risk factors. This blood test is many times more powerful at identifying a person’s future risk of diabetes, monitoring the progress of established diabetics and pre-diabetics and controlling or staving off the disease.

Arterial Health Testing —
This quick (15 min) and easy (you can sleep through it) in-office procedure tells you the true status of your arteries, whether they are on the path to a vascular event (heart attack or stroke) or not. More comprehensive than Life Line(tm) screening. Arterial Health Testing gives valuable information over and above lipid testing and conventional risk assessment.

Stress Impact Score —
Measurement of the body’s autonomic tone can yield valuable information regarding your health. The autonomic nervous system modulates all the involuntary functions of the body: pulse, blood pressure, respirations, sweating, digestion, body temperature, etc. This test is FDA-approved to diagnose diabetic autonomic neuropathy but can be used to uncover the often-unnoticed effects of sleep apnea, COPD, asthma, high blood pressure, coronary disease, exhaustion, overwork, poor physical conditioning, chronic pain, and anxiety.

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