Patient Reviews

“Dr. Kunz is a very kind and caring doctor.. Extremely attentive to your healthcare needs and supports in helping you make the right decisions, based on his expertise… I’ve been with doctor Kunz for 25+ yrs.. I love my doctor and support him 100% as a great primary physician in Gwinnett county.”

“I love Dr Kunz. He is the only Dr in eight years that actually listens to me about my symptoms and doesn’t just treat lab results. His office is always very responsive.”

“I had a great experience at Perriseia. From the front office staff to the nurse and doctor. I had to make a same day appointment, and Victoria was so kind in helping me get set up. I’m sure it can be annoying to fit people in when you have so many other responsibilities in a day, but Victoria was so pleasant and kind while helping me find a time and getting me reestablished as a patient. The nurse and Angela were also very patient and listened to all of my concerns, answered all my questions, and were very efficient at getting what info they needed to help me. I can’t say enough good things about Perriseia!!!”

“The experience was so good that I almost want to be sick more often.”

“Love everything about this office and highly recommend to others.”

“This was an urgent issue. The front office listened and was able to work me in the same day instead of hav3 to wait until next week. I don’t think I would have made until next week without a trip to the emergency room, first.”

“Rebecca is the best!”

“For over 30 years, I have received outstanding care from Dr. Kunz and Rebecca Cowart. Thank you.”

“Everyone here is great! They are genuine, caring, insightful and well educated. I have never in my 60 years felt this good about going to the Doctor and feeling like they actually cared! I had a relaxed, friendly, and informative visit. Great to see that someone finally gets it.”

“Rebecca is very good and she takes time to explain everything.”

“Everyone there is so nice and they take good care of you. Always a good experience at Dr. Kunz’s office. They have a good customer service attitude.”

“Rebecca is always very professional, kind, caring and helpful. Those are qualities that I truly appreciate from a patient perspective.”

“Great experience, Rebbeca Cowart is the best, Dr Kunz is by far the best doctor I’ve ever had and I’ve had some great ones.. 10/10.”

“25 years of excellent service.”

“I have been coming to see Doctor Kunz, sence 1994 to now (total of 26 years) I now live in Newnan, GA. Rebecca, takes good care of me and my health… I will keep driving from Newnan to Lawrenceville to make my appointments. THANKS TO ALL.”

“Very detailed, professional and caring.”

“The nurses were very professional and kind. She did a fantastic job of making me feel comfortable and informed throughout the appointment. I am confident in my future care with Perisseia.”


HeartFit™ Introduction

To my family of patients:

As you may know, I have been a Family Doctor in the Gwinnett community for nearly thirty years. Though my practice has covered the breadth of medicine, from outpatient adult and pediatric care to ER, ICU, and inpatient medicine, and even OB and newborns, my love has always been preventive medicine and wellness, with an emphasis on lifestyle, nutrition, natural supplements and now our HeartFit™ Introduction.

In 25 years there has never been a place in our Managed Care world for programs such as this.
Until Now.

I am proud to announce a new program called HeartFit™—a Wellness, Weight Loss, and Lifestyle Management practice that provides a resource that augments and enhances the medical care you currently receive at Perisseia Primary Care & Wellness.

The HeartFit™ Program features the HeartFit™ Score which provides constructive and effective life and health-changing components that you need to age gracefully. This “Score” makes it possible for you to see and understand the big picture and make small, progressive, constructive, and most importantly, measurable changes to lower your health risks.

We feature an affordable enrollment and monthly fee for the year-long wellness plan(s).

Most commercial insurance plans and Medicare cover:

  • Biometric
  • Blood
  • and Ultrasonographic Vascular Diagnostics
  • along with Medical Evaluation and Management visits

Think of our program as a fusion of “Quick Weight Loss Centers” and “Lifeline Screening”, but without the hype and without unnecessary, irrelevant, or alarmist rhetoric.

We will share all of your personal data and progress reports with you each time you come to see us.

Furthermore, we are partnering with some of the best diagnostics and preventative health organizations to create a publishable “real-world” Framingham-style Longitudinal Study of Lifestyle Modification, Biometric Measurements, Lipid, Inflammatory, and Glucose Utilization Blood Markers, and Vascular Ultrasonographic Measures and their correlation with MACE (Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events).

We look forward to seeing and caring for you in the new year.

If you want to know more, participate in the research, or take action today, call the office today or contact my HeartFit™ Program Coordinator Suzanne Wilson, CPT at 404.434.6678 or by email and make an appointment to get HeartFit™ in 2017!

To Good Health To Those We Care For,

David W. Kunz, M.D.

HeartFit™ Program

As part of Dr. Kunz’s commitment to complete care for our patients, we are now offering our HeartFit™ Program. A program that…

  • Might reduce your risk of
    • Type II Diabetes
    • High Cholesterol
    • Cardiovascular Complications
    • and even Heart Disease
  • While helping you to
    • Feel Better
    • have More Energy during the day
    • and Sleep Better at night!

The HeartFit™ Program includes diagnostic testing, a full work-up including:

  • Blood Work
  • EKG
  • Analysis of overall:
    • Physical Health
    • Mental Health
    • Vascular Health
  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition Consultations

…and Ongoing Support.

The accountability and encouragement offered through our regularly scheduled sessions has proven to be the key ingredient for success for those that have tried other programs in the past and failed.

Your specific program may also include a weight loss prescription drug if you’d like (as long as it’s approved pending EKG results). LIPO MIC B-12 injections, delivered right here in our office during your coaching sessions, will also aid the weight loss aspect of your program.

We are happy to file with your insurance company for any charges that may be covered.

Our goal is to help you achieve an active, healthy lifestyle.

Please contact our HeartFit™ program coordinator:

Suzanne Luna, CPT

HeartFit™ Classes

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The following tests and procedures will introduce you to a few of the services we employ. Their links offer access to more complete descriptions. For a complete list please see our listings under our “Services” menu.

Advanced Lipid Testing —
Heart disease is not just a result of high cholesterol, but of many other factors. It is important to know the number of cholesterol particles in each subtype along with their size and configuration, the contribution of inflammation, impaired sugar metabolism (insulin and free fatty acids), and oxidative stress.

Diabetes Risk Assessment —
Type II diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in our society and the rate is increasing. It’s not enough to look out for traditional (and commonly known) risk factors. This blood test is many times more powerful at identifying a person’s future risk of diabetes, monitoring the progress of established diabetics and pre-diabetics and controlling or staving off the disease.

Arterial Health Testing —
This quick (15 min) and easy (you can sleep through it) in-office procedure tells you the true status of your arteries, whether they are on the path to a vascular event (heart attack or stroke) or not. More comprehensive than Life Line(tm) screening. Arterial Health Testing gives valuable information over and above lipid testing and conventional risk assessment.

Stress Impact Score —
Measurement of the body’s autonomic tone can yield valuable information regarding your health. The autonomic nervous system modulates all the involuntary functions of the body: pulse, blood pressure, respirations, sweating, digestion, body temperature, etc. This test is FDA-approved to diagnose diabetic autonomic neuropathy but can be used to uncover the often-unnoticed effects of sleep apnea, COPD, asthma, high blood pressure, coronary disease, exhaustion, overwork, poor physical conditioning, chronic pain, and anxiety.

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